Madeira Island has everything you could want: Beach, mountains, Madeira island activities, good wine and good food. The autonomous region of Madeira is a Portuguese island.

For someone who loves nature, is active and likes hiking, 7 to 10 days in Madeira is a good amount of time to hike and see everything. There are a lot of hiking trails in Madeira and different view spots so you will have a packed schedule.

Madeira Island Acitivities is an extensive list and we present some of our suggestions below.


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Is Madeira Windy?

The warm ocean currents around the island help dictate the climate and mean an absence of extreme temperatures. The cooling winds that brush across the island also help keep summer temperatures more comfortable. Humidity is not usually a problem on the island, being quite stable all-year-round, with averages ranging between 67% and 72%.

The island’s weather is greatly affected by the winds which prevail in the region. The main wind to affect the weather on Madeira is the north east trade wind that comes down from the Portuguese coast. Also playing a significant role is the hot wind that occasionally blows over from North Africa.

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