Nuns Valley & Monte

Curral das Freiras_Nuns Valley

Nuns Valley & Monte


(per car (1-4 pax) or per sidecar (1-2 pax))



Isolated from the rest of the island, lies the Nuns Valley, a caldron surrounded by lava rock a perfect contrast. Leaving Funchal to Pico dos Barcelos one of Madeiras unique viewpoints. We then make our way up to Eira do Serrado where the chestnut trees and eucalyptus are seen at every angle. At 1094m above sea level, (if weather permits) you will be able to see the view to the Nuns Valley. Lost stop is at Monte one of Madeira´s old touristic stops with a visit to the church, for those who want a little adventure, you can try the toboggan rides.