Madeira Island Agriculture Green Tour

Madeira Island Agriculture Green Tour


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The green agriculture tour is considered to be an example of farming in Madeira showing in detail the daily life of our farmers from planting to cultivating, our guests can interact and ask all their curious questions directly to the farmers on the land.

• Visit a banana field in Funchal, Madeira Island, where one can walk right through the banana fields and watch and learn how things are done
• See a family vegetable and fruit farm, one of the biggest in the island, they explain everything from the seeding right to cultivation
• Discover a milk cattle farm that provides milk for ones of Madeiras famous cheese
• Eat lunch in Porto da Cruz where swimming is possible when weather permits
• Explore the famous cheese requeijão factory

Full description
During this excursion, you will be visiting a banana farm in Funchal and seeing how the farmers look after their land by interacting, learning more about the trade. Take the old road to another interesting local family vegetable and fruit farm, that supplies most of the supermarkets in Madeira with their fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits. The unknown cattle farm to many has been in this family for over a hundred years, they provide most of its milk for the making of our famous “requeijão” cheese, and see the old milking techniques. Stop for lunch in Porto da Cruz, sugarcane region, lunch, short walk after lunch and visit the only rum factory in Europe that operates with steam. According to the weather one can swim (bring swimming suites along). After lunch a drive through countryside and a last stop at the cheese “requeijão” factory.

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