Other Activities

Madeira Typical Night


per person

Dinner in a typical restaurant where you can enjoy the traditional and tasty “Espetada” (small meat cubes skewered on a Laurel stick), with garlic butter and “milho quente” (delicious golden fried maize). Other delicacies will be served, highlighting the hot local country bread “bolo do caco” (Madeira’s typical bread)”. While you enjoy your meal be entertained by the “bailinho” (traditional folklore of Madeira).

Canyoning (Beginners Level)

Half Day


per person

The perfect option for everyone that wants to discover this amazing activity. If you want excitement and adventure on your life this is it! No experience required but fun is guaranteed! If you want to experience something adventurous or want to get out of your comfort zone this is definitely for you and this beginner canyoning will surely awaken your wild side. You don’t need a special set of skills or top level physical capabilities to participate. Going down the canyon you’ll be progressing on the irregular water course while swimming and jumping into crystal clear pools, and in some canyons you can even slide on naturally carved water slides but surely the greatest attraction goes to the use of various rope techniques to rappel down amazing paradisiac waterfall. Free Pick up between Camara Lobos – Funchal – Caniço.

Paraglading Madeira island


per person

An unforgettable experience. One of the most experienced paragliders in the world offers tandem flights on Madeira. After a brief spurt both passengers take off and the pilot controls the glider using the thermals further and further into the air. The flight provides a view of the Atlantic Ocean, the small port towns and inland villages and the lush greenery of the island – a relaxing and spectacular adventure all in one!

Maximum body weight: 85kg

Scuba Diving (baptism)


per person

Here you will be able to dive one of the most privileged places in Europe to practice this sport. The temperate and crystalline waters of Madeira make it possible to dive in its natural reserves and to observe numerous species such as cnidarians like anemones, black corals, fish like groupers, moray eels, stingrays, or – if you’re lucky – even sea lions, the monk seals, the rarest in the world.

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